What is The Credit Formula

The Credit Formula is a subscription based credit enhancement program. You will be billed monthly at the rate of $99.99 until you achieve your desired results or 12 months passes, whichever is shorter. Over the next 12 months we will submit letters on your behalf to address derogatory information reporting on your credit report. We make no guarantees or promises. However, our deletion success rate is on average at 80% 

How do I Enroll?

Go to our website www.capitalcreditcenter.com  and click on the “Register Now” link

How much does it cost to get started

You pay a $199 Registration fee which is refundable up to 3 days after payment if you change your mind.

What should I expect next?

You should receive a welcome letter with instructions on what action steps you need to take

How long will it take before I see items being submitted on my behalf?

Once you have completed the on-boarding process, you should see letters being generated on your behalf within 72 hours

What do I need to do after the letters have been submitted?

Monitor for any correspondence or reports from the credit bureaus, collection agencies, creditors or others. Make sure you forward whatever you receive to us immediately at our email: clientservices@capitalcreditcenter.com

Can I select which accounts on my report I would like to have challenged?

Recommended accounts to address will be reflected in the audit report of your credit report review.

I never received my personal portal access.

I will send it to you right now. Look for an email that is coming from www.secureclientaccess.com   If you do not see it please check to see if it went to your spam mail box.

What are your hours of operation?

Our office hours are:
Monday –Thursday
10am-2pm EST
Closed Holidays

However, you have access to us 24/7 through your personal portal.

I am having trouble logging into my personal portal.

I can send it to you again for you to reset your password

It has been 30 days since letters were sent on my behalf and I have not received any correspondence.

The bureaus have up to 45 days to respond. We will follow up with them on the 46th day if you have not forwarded us any notification from them.

I would like to get a status on my account.

Sure let me log into your personal portal to review  what action has taken place.

I would like to cancel my service.

Contact client services at 407-926-4112  or send a message using your personal portal

I am having financial difficulties right now and would like to place my account on hold. Is that possible?

Yes we can place you in an inactive status for up to 90 days

I would like to change my payment date. Is that possible?

Yes, However you must notify us in writing 7 business days prior to your next scheduled payment

Can you give me advice on how to improve my credit score?

We do not advise the client, however we do offer reference material to gain knowledge on ways to improve your score ie:FICO.com

Can you advise me on whether I should pay off my collection or not?

We do not advise clients on whether they should pay off their collection or not. That would be strictly up to you. However, we do suggest that you get in writing that the item will be removed from your credit before you make any payments.

How long does the process take?

Each client is different, however the process can take up to 12 months depending on how many accounts you have on your file that needs to be addressed

How long after I start your program can I apply for credit.

We ask that you wait 3-6 months. We prefer the 6 month waiting period.

Do you delete late payments?

No. The only way late payments can be removed from your credit report is by the account holder. We do not address late payments but we can give you instruction on addressing them on your own

I’m in bankruptcy, can I still sign-up for your program?

No, you need to be discharged for a minimum of

6 months prior to coming on as a client

Do you sale trade lines and CPNs?


I don’t want to pay on my account anymore, can you just remove it?

No, it is illegal.  If  you are having trouble managing and paying off your debt you may want to speak to a bankruptcy attorney or a credit counselling agency